" ..A place where children can discover nature
and know the rural world so attractive .. "

A visit to our farms for schoolchildren of all ages

Là di Muk guest farm is also an educational farm, where children can discover nature and enjoy getting to know the rural world. It’s like an open-air classroom for learning the values of country culture and respect for the environment.

Là di Muk educational farm is the product of our passion for farming and love of teaching, and has become an opportunity to restore the ties between city and countryside, school and local realities.

Our educational paths allow you to discover for yourself the noises, smells, traditions and animals of the farm, while our workshops offer the chance for experimentation. We will show you how to make a fun scarecrow with recycled materials
and how to transform seeds and hay into a unique collage to take home with you.

Explore the path that will allow you to discover the age-old rural world

The merry-go-round of rural life. A trip back in time to discover rural culture: traditional nursery rhymes and proverbs describe country life and the work behind the products that end up on our tables.

We’ll discover the bonds between man and the environment, nature and agriculture by returning to the cultural roots of our civilisation. We will also take a look at the games children used to play in order to see how they used to have fun.

Explore the path that will allow you to discover the magic of nature

From the seed to the plant, from corn to doll. A path to discover farming tools
and how a little seed can become a tall plant with a tasty secret:
a cob is hidden in its papery husk! Its yellow kernels are perfect for making into cornmeal, but they can also be transformed into exploding popcorn.
Once upon a time skilled hands used to make bags, dolls and other household objects from the husks.
The Husk Museum in Reana del Rojale, close to Là di Muk guest farm, houses many examples of this old art.

Explore the path that will allow you to get to know our animal friends

Who lives on the farm? Ponies, donkeys, pigs, goats, chickens, rabbits, geese and ducks. This educational path offers the opportunity for a friendly encounter with the animals that inhabit Là di Muk guest farm.
Together we will discover where they live, their favourite foods and their habits, learning to interact with them in complete safety.

Farm Animals