"..the traditional decor evokes the Friulian countryside
and the great evenings fogolâr recalls to memory nights without time.."

The warmth of a family environment,
the traditional cuisine of our great Friuli.

Là di Muk guest farm offers a menu based on seasonal ingredients produced on the farm itself, focusing on freshness and wholesomeness to rediscover traditional Friuli through its strong, genuine flavours.
The choice to use our own farm produce is in keeping with the agritourism philosophy, capable of combining various approaches while respecting the environment.

Our cooking echoes the land: hand-picked vegetables and fresh herbs are the basic ingredients for traditional dishes, interpreted with an innovative, creative touch.

The local food traditions are revived and reworked in the restaurant, the ideal complement to the hospitality of the guest rooms, which are lovingly tended by Daniela and her sister-in-law Valentina.
In the dining room, Martina, Romina and their Aunt Rita receive guests with a friendly welcome and prompt attention, illustrating the dishes and the land.

Là di Muk guest farm is housed in the old stable, which has been skilfully renovated to maintain the charm of the old building. The traditional furnishings recall the Friulian countryside, while the large fogolâr (fireplace) conjures up timeless evenings.

We look forward to seeing you at Là di Muk to offer you a taste of our most delicious dishes and to drink a toast together with our wine.

Opening period of the Restaurant

From November to the end of June
and from Thursday to Sunday

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Our dishes

Panna cotta with Refosco sauce

Pumpkin gnocchi