Welcome to our corner of paradise.

Just a few minutes from Udine and from the Udine Nord exit on the A23 motorway, thanks to its strategic position, the Là di Muk holiday farm gives its guests an opportunity to explore the multifaceted Friulian landscape and to discover the region’s rich history and art.

The “Rojale” territory – 3 km away

The Rojale (Millstream) territory is home to small hamlets that boast the privilege of being out-ofthe- way with regard to traffic and still characterized by the presence of discreet, yet live, millstreams. Next to these ancient streams, there are kilometres of bike and hiking trails, which offer fascinating views in the shadows of the silent presence of the water-mills.

Trieste, Miramare Castle – 85 km away

Trieste is the regional, as well as provincial, capital with the densest population. Worthy of interest is Piazza Unità, the center of the city, which looks directly onto the sea and the quay, where, all year round, numerous cruise ships dock, as well as the Amerigo Vespucci, the well-known ship of the Italian Navy. Still in Trieste, just to admire the sea, you can take a walk through “Barcola” to arrive at Miramare Castle. To have yet a more naturalistic experience, you can visit the “Grotta Gigante” (Giant Cave).

Cividale del Friuli – 19 km away

A town that was once Longobardian, it still now has that medieval characteristic with its narrow lanes and town centre paved in cobbles. Right when you will be there, the “Palio di San Donato” (a traditional horse-race in honor of Saint Donato) will be held (19-20-21 August), a time when the town becomes festive and everyone dresses in medieval clothes and carries out medieval traditions. It is picturesque to cross over the devil’s bridge to visit the various little temples.

Gemona / Venzone – 30 km away

Both of these villages were directly involved in the violent earthquake that hit our area in 1976 and that caused lots of victims and damage. Therefore, visiting the museums and the places that witnessed that event will surely provide you with a special atmosphere, the atmosphere that our parents lived in. Besides, in Venzone, there is the museum of Mummies. Going back to something a bit more naturalistic, still in this village you can find Lake Cavazzo around which you can take a pleasant walk or limit yourself to a simple rest on one of the benches along the way to have a sandwich.

Grado – 57 km away

A very peaceful seaside resort (along with Lignano and Bibione), quite suitable for families, to lie on the beach and take in the sun, or also simply take a stroll at sunset out to the lighthouse and have a good fish dinner in town.

On the way to Grado, you will come across Aquileia, a famous historical city of great archeological interest.

San Daniele del Friuli – 22 km away

Located in the hills of Friuli, a landscape full of colours and tastes, San Daniele stands out for its cultural and commercial importance: the historical buildings in the town centre remain as a witness of a past as a military stronghold and then as a lovely town for socializing and relaxing; the San Daniele PDO hams, a savoury inheritance from the Celts and a modern treasure of the town, made its name famous among all the connoisseurs.

Mount Zoncolan – 70 km away

Mount Zoncolan, in Carnia, is the ideal destination for those who are fond of skiing, but it is also the perfect place to behold, in one glance, a view of the peaks of the Julian and Austrian Alps as well as the towns in the valley.
It became famous due to its challenging uphill runs that have taxed cycling enthusiasts and professionals, but can satisfy the gluttons as well…

Venice – 130 km away

The city limits of Venice include both islands and mainland areas.
Venice has a very high level of cultural heritage within the artistic, literary and musical spheres. The city was influenced by the Arab and Byzantine worlds.
The monuments are almost all situated in the historical centre and on the islands in the lagoon, and the most famous place in the city is undoubtedly Piazza San Marco.

Aquileia – 60 km away

Aquileia, an important town of the Roman Empire and then the main center for the spread of Christianity in northern and eastern Europe, was declared a Unesco Heritage due to the vastness of its archeological area and the artistic value of its early Christian mosaics. Two national museums and the great patriarchal basilica are the daily destination of hundreds of visitors.

The Collio – 55 km away

The area around Gorizia offers lovely and relaxing scenery made of rolling hills dotted with wine shops, wine businesses, and wineries where white wines, among the best in the world, and rich red wines are produced: this is the Collio, the heart of which is Cormons. Here, the distance from the mountains and from the sea is small: the microclimate, absolutely unique for its ventilation and temperature range, goes perfectly well with the “ponka”, the typical soil of Collio, ideal for viticulture.

Lignano – 65 km away

An oasis where you can combine relaxation with all kinds of fun: This is the essence of Lignano, with its 8 km of beaches made of fine, golden sand and a calm sea; Lignano has for years been the proud holder of the Blue Flag of environmental protection. Starting from Lignano, you can go inland so that you can alternate the sea with villages like Precenicco, Latisana and Palazzolo which conceal little treasures of art and architecture that are worth a stop.

Austria and Slovenia

Near the Italian-Slovenian border there a lot of interesting places to visit. They are ideal places for taking a trip or having a picnic, being out in nature and discovering the secrets of the olden days. And don’t forget to try the home cooking!