"...An agribusiness, a guest farm, a working farm:
this is the starting point for an experience that will bring you
into contact with the bountiful land and traditions of Friuli."
"..the traditional decor evokes the Friulian countryside
and the great fogolâr recalls to memory nights without time.."

Là di Muk guest farm is our dream come true and the mark of an unbroken tradition.

It is the product of our family’s passion for nature and hospitality, and has recounted our love of the land and respect for the slow passage of the seasons for four generations. Pietro and Cecilia started farming back at the beginning of the nineteenth century and we continue that tradition today under the guidance of their grandson Pietro, the current head of the family. He has transformed this love of agriculture into a full-time job with the creation of the farm and, subsequently, the restaurant and guest accommodation.

The agribusiness Là di Muk is hospitality in a cozy corner of Friuli .

At Là di Muk guest farm we express our talent for hospitality in a simple, genuine manner, combining our agricultural work with a restaurant and accommodation for guests.Situated in a little Friulian village, a few minutes from Udine (Udine Nord exit of the A23 motorway) and other interesting destinations, Là di Muk guest farm offers the opportunity for a unique experience, where the environment and traditions recreate the lost harmony of a timeless way of life.

Come to visit us to discover it!

Welcome to our corner of paradise.

The Rojale (Millstream) territory is home to small hamlets that boast the privilege of being out-ofthe-way with regard to traffic and still characterized by the presence of discreet, yet live, millstreams. Next to these ancient streams, there are kilometres of bike and hiking trails, which offer fascinating views in the shadows of the silent presence of the water-mills.

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